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Chalets and apartaments in Pila Valle d'Aosta

Vittoerusi, rents Chalets and apartments in the beautiful environment of Pila. Our chalets are built on three floors and each one has its own garden, car park and garage. Apartments feature a large terrace, one service room and a garage. They lay about 2,5 Km from Pila and about 1 Km from the LES FLEURS and PLAN PRAZ stop of the cabin Aosta-Pila. Chalets look towards the most prestigious mountains of Europe, shielded by the alpine winds, at an altitude of 1600 meters, where the climate allows a nice and comfortable sojourn both during summer and winter.

Contact us:

Tel.  +39 0185289544 - Fax +39 0185281610

e-mail: info@vittoerusi.it


Reach us by car from abroad:

- Through Gran San Bernardo tunnel drive along SS27 towards Aosta.
- Through Mont Blanc tunnel, drive along SS26 towards Aosta. Once in Aosta follow indications to Gressan-Pila.